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Eco - Friendly​​

Our History ...

In search of useful, handmade holiday gifts, the founder of Everlasting Travels came across soap bars.  The gifts were a hit, and she began to explore different ways of making soap, tweaking her recipes until she developed the current ETBC line of soap—an all-natural product made with plant-based oils and colorants, and scented essential oils. 


Soaps then led to lotions, which led to salve, lip balms, and the many products that are now on ETBC shelves. But the company was formed thanks to a homemade holiday gift.

Our Mission ...
Our Theme ...

We often get asked how we decide the names of each of our products. Many of the ingredients we use in our products have been used as beauty treatments around the world for centuries. We took these amazing ingredients to create our skincare line, but we wanted to honor their origins.


Therefore, we researched the historical origin of the essential oils in each product. We named our products after those cities. Hence, the company name: Everlasting Travels.


When you use our skincare products, you are traveling the world. In addition, the majority of our products are packaged in containers that fulfill the traveling parameters, allowing you to travel easily.

Our mission is to provide our customers with

handcrafted products made with mostly certified organic and natural/raw plant-based ingredients. We use botanical colorants and all products are scented with essential oils, including the soy candles. Our products are handcrafted from scratch, in small batches, for quality control.


We handcraft all products with our customers and nature in mind. 


At ETBC, we strive to provide our customers with high-quality products handcrafted with:

No parabens

No Phthaltes

No Sulfates

No Mineral Oil

No Petroleum

No Dyes



on all purchases over $50.

with first order

on all orders over $50

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